Minus three

by Volker Weber

Declan Sciolla-Lynch is out:

OpenNTF, I Tried, You Failed.

He is pulling all his projects, amongst them the ever popular BlogSphere.


Not only that, he is also urging other contributors to follow suit and gives instructions on how to do it:

If you are also an OpenNTF Project Owner that I urge you to do the exact same. We only get one vote on how OpenNTF is run and that is by voting with our feet and walking away from the disaster it has become.

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Didn't have much there but have pulled what there was (was never that popular anyway).

Chris Linfoot, 2009-07-10

Does that count as Minus four?

Volker Weber, 2009-07-10

Perhaps minus π (being an irrational number only slightly larger than three).

Chris Linfoot, 2009-07-10

I must say that from afar, this is all starting to sound terribly childish. Dec is of course allowed to do what he likes but urging others to do same? COME ON!

Colin Williams, 2009-07-11

Colin, you may be right.

I have heard more childish things today than in the rest of the year. Not from Declan, rest assured. Un-be-lie-vable b/s.

Volker Weber, 2009-07-11

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