Free S60 Twitter App

by Volker Weber

TweetS60 is a native S60 app for Twitter and quite usable. And it is one of those apps that can prioritize access points. Had some difficulties logging in the first time, but now it works.


Hi Volker,

give Gravity a try ( It is a perfect application, costs 10€ once and the developer (Jan Ole Suhr, @janole on Twitter) is very active in improving it (besides he is a nice person) ;)


Hubert Stettner, 2009-07-25

Paid apps usually don't work for me, since I swap devices and SIMs way too fast. Is Gravity locked to the device IMEI or the SIM?

Volker Weber, 2009-07-25

Gravity is linked to the IMEI. Jan Ole is known to transfer the licenses quickly and uncomplicated. Plus there is a ten day trial, that gives you and him time to transfer it. Maybe he also has a different solution for your special case. He always appreciates feedback.

I also tried TweetS60 as Twitter app and was fine with it. Did not give it a second look after having Gravity installed, though ;)

Hubert Stettner, 2009-07-25

I use
It also integrates with the GPS for Location-updates and GEO-tagging of pictures.
I've tried TweetS60 as well, but it lacks searches and GPS and some of the nifiter functions of Twibble mobile

Dag Kvello, 2009-07-25

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