How to make yourself independent of Apple's app store approval process

by Volker Weber


When Sonos updated to 2.8, they learned a hard lesson. And they learned it well. Sonos could not update the system software until Apple released the matching iPhone controller. And since Apple is very much unpredictable, that resulted in a very long night for Sonos support.

This time they found a solution. The "old" iPhone controller has been updated a few weeks ago and was silently upgraded to support 3.0, without adding any of the new functions. Now Sonos was free to update the system software to 3.0 at their leisure, and then have Apple update the iPhone controller. What you currently download (as of 1pm CEST) is not the latest controller. It is 2.8.2 which works with 3.0. The new controller has not yet been released to the store. Stay tuned.


Or... go buy a Pre.

Craig Wiseman, 2009-07-28

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