Cat in bath

by Volker Weber


Amazing, how far this robotic technology has come... so lifelike...

Daniel Haferkorn, 2009-07-30

That cat has no pride.

Christian Tillmanns, 2009-07-30

That cat appears to obediently trust the person doing the bathing.

Thomas Hans-Jürgen Vogler, 2009-07-30

There is no way Becky or Selene would ever allow this. They usually prefer this approach.

Frank Dröge, 2009-07-30

This reminds me of my 3 cats (they all are not anymore among us). I had to start to bath the 2 younger ones when one of them got some kind of fungus on one leg after 2 weeks when I first took them home. So I had to bath them weekly and the older (3th) cat as well. The first time doing the bath was hard. They did not like it (they never liked it later too) but they get used to it. My experience is that you have to be constant in how you bath them. Never ever just sprinkle water on their head. If you are using a shower then take the shower very close to them so that they get wet but don't stress them unnecessarily (bathing them is already stress enough). Then use cat shampoo and rub them softly and then use again the shower to get the shampoo of their fur. They will try from time to time to escape. Don't let them. Just show them that they need to be there but don't use ridiculous force. Be nice. You are stronger then them but don't show them that. Build up a trusted relationship. It will help you and it will help the cat to know what exactly is happening and if you stay constant the cat exactly knows what is it all about and will honor that by letting you do the procedure with which she is so unpleasant. That's it. I never used a drier after bathing them. Just rub them down with a towel and let them go away and lick their fur for a while.

Stevan Bajic, 2009-07-31

Bah humbug. Throw them in the bathtub and be done with it. :-)

Volker Weber, 2009-07-31

@Volker: LOL. Kopf ab und in die Pfanne also? :)

Stevan Bajic, 2009-08-01

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