Can't get TomTom to play nicely with Google Maps

by Volker Weber


This should have been working for a long time. Select an address in Google Maps, send it to your TomTom PND via TomTom Home, the desktop app. Alas, it doesn't. It never has:


It's all the latest and greatest (besides the map):

TomTom Home
Mac OS X 10.5.7
TomTom Go 940 Live w/ 8.379 (3361464/090717) BS:330021
GPS 1.20, Boot 5.5.120

But it's not good enough. Which is a pity, since this is the best satnav I have ever used.


I noticed that clients using Google Apps in Deutschland started to have problems with the google defined settings for that region. One use to have to use, like but now they stopped working for the mail client until it's switched back to just

Bryan McDade, 2009-07-31

Works for me, same Mac OS and TomTom Home version but different TomTom device.

Axel Nastansky, 2009-07-31

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