OpenNTF continues to meet

by Volker Weber

Reading the latest meetings minutes at OpenNTF:

Technical Spokesperson: Steve Castledine
Steering Committee Spokesperson: Ludwig Nastansky

Both are very reasonable people. Will be interesting to see whether they do all the talking from now on.

There are two catalogs, one for the Apache license and the other for the GPL license

Hmmh. So there is still going to be different buckets for open source at OpenNTF. So far it does not really show in the UI, unless "Catalog" is for ASL and "Projects" is for GPL.

Still on the "to do" list: · Get code flowing into the Catalogs · Open up the Catalogs · Upgrade the Servers

Ah, there is the beef.

Rob Novak (SNAPPS) has resigned from the Steering Committee. However SNAPPS remains an Alliance member of

I won't comment on Minus how much that is. There aren't many people in this community who I respect more than Rob.


Did you notice this?

GROUP Software has indicated a desire to provide developers the use of their Domino Server in the Cloud technology. The Steering Committee is interested in moving this process forward, and are excited about the opportunity.

That sounds like something very interesting. Will be interesting to hear more about that.

Karl-Henry Martinsson, 2009-07-31

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