Send Google Mail through your own SMTP server

by Volker Weber


You have been able to set your own mail address on Google for while. So I was able to set as the from-address for outgoing mail. However, it was always sent through Google's server "on behalf of". Now Google lets you specify your outbound SMTP server and it will send the mail for you through this server.

Works with Android, BlackBerry BIS, not with Nokia Messaging so far.

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Very cool. Glad you posted this. I noticed that even if you add a new address and set it as the default address, even using a mail client with google mail servers it will still rewrite the outbound address and include the "on behalf of". We use lots of aliases since it can take up to 5 days if you need to change a mail address if you have to delete and recreate the address on a new account. That's way too long.

Why does Google always have to do things slightly different and annoyingly?

Bryan McDade, 2009-07-31

Expect a sudden uptick in Gmail spam...

Chris Linfoot, 2009-07-31

Care to explain how that is going to work?

Volker Weber, 2009-07-31

What comes next? I believe a mail appliance.

Tobias Mueller, 2009-07-31

Oh, that's sweet :)

Mathias Ziolo, 2009-07-31

@vowe - OK - not strictly Gmail spam but an unintended consequence.'s outbound server will have to be configured to permit relay by Gmail.

It is unsafe to do this by inspecting the SMTP MAIL FROM envelope as this is easily spoofed - in any case the sender envelope can legitimately be null.

The safe way to do this is by permitting Google IP addresses to relay. Once the server is relaying for Google IPs, other Google users could potentially take advantage of this and send email bypassing Gmail's own outbound servers.

Chris Linfoot, 2009-07-31

Well, not if you use Authenticated SMTP (see screenshot).

Volker Weber, 2009-07-31

@vowe - OK OK good catch.

But I don't like SMTP AUTH on MX servers because of the risk of brute forcing by abusers. And I guess most people who implement this will use their MX server, as it will probably be their only SMTP server, so ...

Chris Linfoot, 2009-07-31

Hi, I am trying to edit the settings in my mail account but I dont see the SMTP option in my web email on gmail and my google app settings. Is this setting available for offline?

Priya Dandekar, 2009-08-10

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