Leaked: BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac

by Volker Weber

Time to rejoice Mac users, today is your day. That is because the BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac has just been leaked.

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Great. I'll give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

Alan Lepofsky, 2009-09-04

Thanks for posting this!

Installed it on a Snow Leopard machine and happily updating... just need to re-enable enterprise activation and all set.

So far, very impressed by a very Mac experience.

Eric Garneau, 2009-09-05

Bricked my 8800 as it tried to upgrade the OS and had to use a Windows PC (gah!) to revive it. It would only show me an error 507 of death. Bummer! Also, the Mac desktop seems to have very few actual features. Wasn't able to tether using USB, either. Needs some work, I guess.

Sascha Siekmann, 2009-09-05

@Sascha: It's still a beta. No iPhoto syncing yet either.

Eric Garneau, 2009-09-06

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