Nokia N97, encore

by Volker Weber


I wasn't really happy with the N97 on my first trial, so I returned it rather quickly. But then I saw a couple of things at Nokia World that I wanted to try out. And frankly, all the action at Nokia is happening around touch screen phones, so I swapped the N86 for an N97, and I am back in the game. This time much faster than the last time. What helped tremendously where the ins and outs of Nokia Messaging so I could Exchange ActiveSync as well as Google Mail going in a couple of minutes.

Facebook is already aboard, I also installed a 10 day trial of Gravity, the Social Messaging Beta, Ovi Maps Beta, and Ovi lifecasting is about to follow.


Hope you like it, Volker. The Nokia Messaging setup is impressive, IMHO. You put in your address and password and there you are. Even worked for my 'non standard' provider.

Now with the new client supporting HTML plus being slick and responsive, its even better to use.

Hubert Stettner, 2009-09-06

Nokia Messaging indeed has an easy setup. Unless it does not do what you want it to. Try to set up calendar and contacts sync with Google or try to set up one a default address with Google Mail, that does not end with

Volker Weber, 2009-09-06

i wonder when apple will implement a home screen like this...

Samuel Orsenne, 2009-09-07

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