The Nokia N97 is starting to grow on me

by Volker Weber

While I am still finding S60 too complicated, I am seeing the progress Nokia is making. The UI is getting much nicer in S60 5th Edition which runs on Symbian OS version 9.4. Some of the applications have also improved quite well. While the web browser is still a lot worse than the webkit browsers on iPhone and Android, and Mozilla on the N900, Nokia Messaging has proven to be quite usable and well adopted to the touch UI.

It also helps that I now have a black N97 instead of the white one I have used before.

Please note that all screens are scaled down and are much clearer on the device itself. Larger versions are on Flickr.


Isn't the browser a port of webkit (S60WebKit and S60WebKit-WebKit )
Or should Nokia do a re-port...

Lars Berntrop-Bos, 2009-09-07

Yes, the N97 uses BrowserNG and that is also a webkit browser, just not a very good one.

Volker Weber, 2009-09-07

I was for a long time a big fan of the nokia communicator series, but they have lost the track. The last device (9310?), which I have purchased, was buggy especially in conjunction with the black berry server. I have switched immediately to a BlackBerry phone and all problems suddenly disappeared.

Currently, Apple is the driver of innovation, at least for me. Nokia should abandon the symbian os and reboot.

Andre Claaßen, 2009-09-13

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