The Dancing Agile Elephant: IBM Software Group's Transition to Agile and Lean Development

by Volker Weber

Mariano sends me a link to this video:

This session explores the approach and challenges to transforming multi-thousand person division to adopt new approaches to developing software. Questions about how to inspire and motivate change, identifying the change agents, the tooling to enable the masses will be discussed.

Need to put it on my watch list. Can't do it right now.

Update: A view from the trenches: How to inspire and motivate change. In four easy steps.

  1. Fire anyone who doesn't agree that this is a good idea.
  2. Appoint a High Priest of Agile who gets to be final decision maker on all technical issues, as well as interpreter of Agile Orthodoxy.
  3. Allow the High Priest to be in charge of technical promotions.
  4. Make sure none of the line managers gets to overrule any technical or personnel decisions made by the High Priest.


Just watching the video now. However, an aside... IBM, why can't every Lotusphere session be posted like this?

Stuart McIntyre, 2009-09-08

@Stuart - Because then they couldn't charge you $300 to get 17 of the sessions on DVD. :-)

Charles Robinson, 2009-09-09

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