Slingplayer on the iPhone

by Volker Weber


It just works.

What works? You can watch TV streamed from your Slingbox at home, over Wi-Fi or 3G. Minimum requirement: iPhone 3G.

While the Mac and Windows players appear to be free, you have to purchase the mobile players after a 30 day trial. I find it somewhat bothersome that you have to activate the clients, and Slingmedia locks them to the phone. That does not work for me at all, since I have a very high churn on mobile phones. If you keep your mobile for two years, you will find out when you get the next one. The iPhone is somewhat different. You have to buy it upfront without a trial. Still need to find out if you can sync that player to multiple devices.

Since you can only watch your Slingbox from one device at a time, it does not make so much sense to me that you need to buy a license for each phone.

Update: I was wrong on two accounts. It is simple to transfer your license from one phone to the other. And you can run up to five devices with one iTunes account. Read the update here >


Danke Volker - Du hast mich angefixt! ;-) Habe mir die Slingbox Pro heute in Heathrow (T5) gekauft - für 149 GBP konnte ich nicht wiederstehen.

Morgen wird sie eingerichtet mal schauen wie sie sich macht!

Claude Lehmann, 2009-09-10

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