Wieviele Apps hat der iPhone-Anwender installiert?

by Volker Weber

Aus einem Chat:

Ein T-Mobile Vertreter meinte heute auf der Telekom Mittelstandsmesse nach der Verlosung, dass der durchschnittliche iPhone Benutzer ungefähr 80 Apps installiert hat.

Die Zahl 80 ist wohl hier aufgeschnappt. Auf der vierten Folie steht 65 Apps, auf der fünften dann 80 US-Dollar.

Apple hat gestern Zahlen genannt, bei denen man sich die Umfrage sparen kann. 1.8 Mrd Apps (ohne Updates gezählt), 30 Mio iPhones, 20 Mio iPod touch. Also 1800 / (30 + 20) = 36.

Ich habe 32:



There's an app for that... I mean, Apple could probably very easily collect such a statistic with much accuracy if they built in some analysis into the OS and/or the app store. Maybe they even have that...

Ragnar Schierholz, 2009-09-10

I guess it depends how you count. Presumably there are a (large?) number of iPhone/iTouch users who have zero applications installed, would you want to include them in the average? Same applies to the group: install the application(s) because you can.
The much more interesting number (but that would be too complicated for a sales slidedeck (^_^): How much application is a user actually using . Then you could differentiate again: daily, regularly, sometimes etc.

Stephan H. Wissel, 2009-09-11

Stephan, I agree. The raw number doesn't say all that much.

I am the author of an Android app that some users run on rooted phones. In the process of rooting sometimes the permissions are screwed up, so that the apps don't work anymore. As a result my bug reporting feature sends me a mail (after the user confirms) and the error message includes the technical user name which is an integer that is just increased by one for each app installed.
Here comes my point, yes there is one, sometimes the integer is > 100. Nobody can *use* 100 apps, but you can collect them like stamps for sure.

Companies like flurry.com can give you the actual usage per day, week, month etc.

Mariano Kamp, 2009-09-11

Well, I downloaded more than 32. It's 32 that I currently keep and use.

Volker Weber, 2009-09-11

26 are mine

Albert Dandl, 2009-09-11

iTunes tells me I have 252 apps, but only because most of them are there twice or more times for every update. I don't what's with iTunes 9 ... suddenly displaying every version of the apps I ever had :/

119 Apps if I count them on my iPhone ...

Sebastian Herp, 2009-09-11

I'm the exact average user: 36.
But I'm annoyed by a similar problem like Sebastian: Suddenly iTunes9 keeps every new episode of the 'heute-journal' podcast as a seperate entry, although all older entries are still grouped correctly.

Steffen Pelz, 2009-09-11

Ich glaube, dass die Rechnung so nicht ganz stimmt: iPhone-Besitzer dürften im Schnitt ein paar Apps mehr haben als iPod-touch-Nutzer -- einfach deswegen, weil doch einige besonders interessante und populäre Apps nicht auf dem touch laufen, der ja a) keine Kamera und b) kein GPS und last, but not least c) keinen Telefonieteil besitzt. Agree?

Thomas Cloer, 2009-09-12

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