Girls of IAA 2009

by Volker Weber


I heard there were some cars as well.

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Forget the cars!!

Alper Iseri, 2009-09-15

It looks like you've enjoyed your day ;-)

Thomas Lang, 2009-09-15

That Gallery system is braindead (like a lot of websites). It specifically says that Opera is not a supported browser. Yet Opera works perfectly well with all functionality intact.

Why don't they check for functionality capability rather than by browser name?

Dragon Cotterill, 2009-09-15

What's up with those schoolgirl uniform? It looks as if it is the Alfa... are the schoolgirl uniforms a side blow on Berlusconi then? :-)

Ragnar Schierholz, 2009-09-15

Das Du Dich immer so aufopferst! Selbst unter diesen harten Bedingungen schaffst Du es Dich auf das wesentliche zu konzentrieren und Dich nicht durch die Autos ablenken zu lassen! Respekt und Dank


Claude Lehmann, 2009-09-15

Welche davon gehört zum Marussia?

Armin Roth, 2009-09-15

A dramatic improvement over the 2007 versions*. Did you miss 2008? There's no gallery for that year...

Really, I mean the cars #NobodyWouldEverBelieveThat

Rob McDonagh, 2009-09-16

Interesting. Looks like Lamborghini is the place to be. Thanks for pre-evaluation. ;-)

Sascha Langfus, 2009-09-16

So many questions ...

Thomas and Alper, yes.

Dragon, you are missing the point.

Ragnar, no idea. The girls loved their outfit.

Claude, nicht so einfach. Die versuchen alles, einen mit den Autos abzulenken.

Armin, keine.

Rob, IAA is a bi-yearly show.

Sascha, hurry up. The models go home tonight.

Volker Weber, 2009-09-16

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