The Onion Releases iPhone Microfiche Reader

by Volker Weber

Dear iPhone and iPod Touch owners,

You are clearly a busy person, otherwise, you wouldn’t have such an important device. How is a person like you supposed to take the time to take in the important news of yesterday that will give you a competitive edge in the marketplace?

The Onion has the solution.

The Onion Microfiche™ application uses digital-capture technology to put a world of headlines at your fingertips. Scroll through dozens, hundreds, even thousands of headlines that have appeared in the pages of America’s Finest News Source. View the most recent or a random set. Mark your favorites. Share them with your friends via email, Twitter, or Facebook.

All this functionality comes in a simulation of analog microfiche technology, making it so simple that even the simple-headed Luddite can use it.

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Better yet, show your ultimate commitment by spending your money in the iTunes App Store right now.

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