Everything that's wrong with current cameras in one easy picture

by Volker Weber


Interesting how many mistakes you can make in one offering.

  1. Show off the camera. "Look, I am taking your picture." You want a camera that is as unobtrusive as possible. You will see some photographers covering all markings on their camera so that you can't see the camera in a reflection.
  2. Expensive camera, cheap lens. 1:5.6 at 55mm? You have to be kidding. And you print that in big letters on the lens front? See above about masking.
  3. 12.4 megapixel on a small sensor. On a factory tour at Carl Zeiss I asked one of their engineers. He said that 6 megapixels on an APS-C sized sensor renders the best results.

Yes, they will make a black version. And a white one as well.


I completely agree with the cheap lens argument. It really shocks me to see people paying megabucks for the housing, then just being happy with the one-size-fits-all-not-particularly-fast standard lens. And then not understanding why my super expensive lens is creating sharper pictures, while I have a lesser housing. (not that I am a particularly gifted photographer, just one with a faible for nice kit)

andrew magerman, 2009-09-18

It's not about the subject of the picture.

It's about the person behind the camera.

Craig Wiseman, 2009-09-18

This is so true.

Moritz Petersen, 2009-09-18

I just have to mention that an APS-C sensor is really not small. 12mp is just fine on it, the real problems begin with the compact cameras. At "normal" ISO (up to about 800) most APS-C sensors perform just fine with 12mp, It does make sense and with decent lenses, perhaps not this one, you can easily see a benefit. Not sure what the the guy at Carl Zeiss meant, but that has most definitely not been my experience with many fine cameras over the last ten years.

Let's not start a Reverse Megapixel Myth...

Keith Bingman, 2009-09-18

Volker, are you sure he said APS-C?

There is a whole website dedicated to 6 megapixels being the peak performance point for a 2/3" sensor commonly used in the more expensive compact cameras.

Mariano Kamp, 2009-09-19

Did you see the white Olympus PEN in white? Maybe the waf factor is kicking in...

Henrik Heigl, 2009-09-20

Volker - as others mentioned already - red or white is maybe not for you but many others like it. You are here too German and too man (which is fine).

Bernd Schuster, 2009-09-23

So. Knapp 14 Tage Recherche, Anfragen und Antworten. Und alles nicht wirklich zufriedenstellend. Volker, wenn Du schon so eine wunderbare Google-Suche verlinkst und mindestens einen Teil Deiner Leserschaft neugierig machst: hast Du vielleicht auch eine Idee, wo man in Deutschland das Apollo Gaffer Tape kaufen kann, und wenn zusätzlich noch möglich, nicht mit einer Mindestabnahmemenge von 12 Rollen?!

Markus Jabs, 2009-10-01

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