iPod nano 5G

by Volker Weber


I haven't been very impressed when I heard about the 5th gen iPod nano. Now that I have used one, that has changed. All the pictures don't do the device any justice. The silver one for instance does not look grey. It looks silver - very shiny. The screen is a little bit larger than on the 4G, the shell feels more solid. Adding radio, especially with "live pause" is great.

The biggest change however is the video camera. And it does not matter in which direction you hold it. Your videos will be landscape or portrait, no matter how you hold the iPod, up stays up. Indoors and outdoors, the video quality is quite good. Not in a bar or when it is quite dark, but you would be amazed how much you can see even in low light.

If your mobile does not have video (my iPhone does not), this is the device to get. Plus, you can listen to music without wearing the phone battery down. I would suggest you put this in your pocket and have it with you all day, no matter where you go and what you do. It's so small you hardly know that you have it, and its built-in pedometer will tell you if you walked enough during the day. Should you ever need a video camera, you have one with you. And the best is that nobody knows that this small thing is a camera. Very sneaky.


Agreed, I had a brief tinker with one of these babies at the airport and was extremely impressed with the video and sound (I quickly put my own headphones in). It's incredible what they can squeeze into the case.

If they add the ability to advance presentation slides and add a laser pointer, I'll get one.

Darren Adams, 2009-09-22

Laser pointer is the devil. If your slides need a laser pointer you aren't done yet. And how would it advance slides without a network connection?

Volker Weber, 2009-09-22

Yes, this is finally the iPod for me. At last, a radio!!! The camera is a bonus. I bought one of these on Friday and am most impressed with it. The Live Pause feature on the radio makes carrying a separate phone a non-issue. Call arrives, pause radio, deal with call, play radio. Simple. Not as simple as ignoring the call all together but hey ho...

Stephen Mooney, 2009-09-23

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