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by Volker Weber


Sebastian recommended the Samsung NC10 to me last year, and I have been pretty happy with that choice. Since then he left the company and co-founded a new shop which has a single product: iPhone sleeves. And they are quite unique, because they also let you carry a few credit cards and some money. You don't want to hold that to your ear where everybody can snatch it away from you, so the cases are designed for the iPhone to be taken out. They come in a variety of colors and materials, and the exclusive ones are handmade in Germany, which is pretty exclusive. ;-)

I have not seen one in the flesh, but I am sure Sebastian is going to change that one day. ;-)

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hmmm - that idea sounds good but unfortunately has one major flaw: i repeatedly distroyed some of my creditcards ("bankomatkarte" here in austria) with the strong ringer loudspeaker of my iphone.
first i did not believe the guy in the bank and thought he was telling fairy tails, but after some (very limited) testseries he seems to be right. i can not tell if it's the chip or the magnetic stripe (which would be my guess) but the result has always been the same - card dead.

Lukas Praml, 2009-09-24

Die Taschen sehen doch mal richtig gut aus. Bei Gelegenheit mal in Ruhe durchblättern und schauen welche davon gut zur Aktentasche passen würde.
Danke für den Link.

Timo Zimmermann, 2009-09-24

A normal mobile phone has about 30 Gauß. Tests have shown, that there won't be any dead cards before 1000 Gauß. Never had any complaints about dead cards.

Check out this mythbuster video: Mythbusters about credit cards on youtube

Sebastian Grötsch, 2009-09-24

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