I propose a new standard for mobile phones: survive at least one day

by Volker Weber


It's been more than a year since I first played with a Nokia E71. I returned after a while, when I did not need it anymore. But it has always been my favorite Nokia smartphone.

If you have one, keep it. There are other, shinier phones. But the E71 delivers on a simple promise: you never need to worry if it survives a full day without a charge. It has a huge battery, it does not need a lot of juice, and it's both a great phone and a great messaging device.

The iPhone was my first smartphone which did not always survive one day on a full charge. And since then I have seen worse. This is a crucial capability. What use is a mobile if you need to carry a charger and are hunting for wall outlets?


Agreed. However in my experience, the more attractive the services you can use on the device (i.e. check twitter & Facebook frequently, read your favorite blogs and web sites, etc.) the more time you will actually spend using the device. Sure, my E61i survived basically forever - but surfing the web, reading blogs etc. was a pain with it, so I spent a lot less time using it and draining its battery.

Jan Tietze, 2009-10-01

That is a smart observation. :-)

Volker Weber, 2009-10-01

I am always suggesting a campaign that obligates manufactures to not hand out the maximum time for battery life but the minimum time. The information about maximum time is useless, only a minimum time would make a difference and lets you compare.

Florian Wulff, 2009-10-01

I agree with Jan, when I don't use my iPhone (happens most of the time in the last weeks) it survives several days without a charge. Even with WiFi enabled.

Martin Ballaschk, 2009-10-01

That's one of the reasons why I still haven't switched to the iPhone. The lack of a keyboard (and therefore the loss of haptic feedback) is the other one.

Jean Pierre Wenzel, 2009-10-01

Battery life is one of the reason I found myself using 2 devices lately. A more "simple" mobile phone and an Ipod touch for all the "smart phone" functionality. More often than seldom there is wifi around where I am.

Federico Hernandez, 2009-10-01

Agreed! Unfortunately none of my phones survives one day. I have two batteries for my BB Bold while on tour and the iPhone - well, no need to explain that. Using mobile internet and social communities is a real battery killer. Far more than listening to music.

Sascha Langfus, 2009-10-01

since I bought the "monster" leather pouch over in NY, that has a battery included but doesn´t look like a monster in spite of the name it sports, I can be a total toolbag all day with the iPhone.

(See under magnificent bastard for an explanation of "toolbag".)

Armin Roth, 2009-10-01

Palm investor McNamee: don't worry so much about battery life, make it easy to charge ($$$ for a batch of inductive chargers). (video, around 00:40:45 and then 01:25:50) [Your mileage may vary depending on how much you travel... ]

Hugh Pyle, 2009-10-02

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