Google Wave (almost) on the iPhone

by Volker Weber


The iPhone does a pretty good job of displaying Google Wave, but it currently isn't able to run the application. So, how is Google Wave? Not ready, not even nearly ready. I invited a few people, but they only get "nominated", whatever that means. Don't think one of them has received a real invitation yet. And without people I need to collaborate with, you are not getting past the "how cool" phase.


Awww... nor do you see my avatar (mine is the top wave [or is it blip?]). I did see your avatar in my view, which is odd. Plus, I had to outright guess your email address - they really should make a friendfinder-type function to let you find people you know. I know they don't want to push the scalability too far, but as you say, you need some real people to collaborate with to test it.

Kevan Emmott, 2009-10-05

Hi Volker,

Könnte ich auch eine Einladung von Dir erhalten? Danke

Goetz Goerisch, 2009-10-05

I was promised an invitation last Thursday (not by you, vowe). Apparently, nomination is all you can currently get. I'm still waiting.

Konstantin Klein, 2009-10-05

None of the people I have 'invited' have received their invitation yet.

Volker Weber, 2009-10-05

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