Confluence or JIRA for just $10

by Volker Weber

This is a great deal. Bugtracker JIRA, enterprise wiki Confluence, or any other Atlassian tool for just $10, and they are donating the proceeds:

Our best tools are just $10 per product. Perfect for startups and small teams. Give your team the best tools for $10 and give the gift of reading via Room to Read.

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Or both. 3 years support and updates. 60$. What a great deal. Thank you.

Henning Heinz, 2009-10-08

While that is a nice offer, please note that they say "only applicable to our downloadable editions of our products". Meaning you still need to download, install, and manage the software, and purchase the hardware for it.

That may be just fine for some customers, in which case I say go for it. However, if you want a hosted solution, for up to 50 people, for free, you can use Socialtext. ;-)

Atlassian's charitable offer is very nice, and I say kudus to them helping people, I'm just pointing out alternatives.

Alan Lepofsky, 2009-10-08

These marketing guys. Sheesh.

You are pointing out your own offering which I already talked about.

Volker Weber, 2009-10-08

Company i work for has great plugins for free to track billing ect . more here

Palmi Lord, 2009-10-08

Yup, we're just slightly less opportunistic than Sales people. ;-) BTW, I did not leave out the fact that I work for Socialtext on purpose. Sorry if it seemed like I was being sneaky, that was not my intention.

Alan Lepofsky, 2009-10-08

At least Jira is one of the best systems for filing software bugs. I am not sure if Socialtext has something similar. Confluence indeed is a competitive offer.

Henning Heinz, 2009-10-09

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