Notes 8.5.1 looking good on Snow Leopard

by Volker Weber

Currently testing the 8.5.1 code as shipped by IBM on Mac OS X 10.6.2 build 10c527f, which is a developer beta, and some of the issues seem to be gone. So it looks like it is indeed Apple who has to fix them. Still can't see which documents are selected though.


Hopefully, Apple releases the 10.6.2 quickly. The missing-icon-bug is annoying.

Andy Brunner, 2009-10-17

I am happy that Apple is getting attention here. Thank You IBM.

cheers marco

Marco Foellmer, 2009-10-17

I had been meaning to re-install Java 1.5 on Snow Leopard (using instructions like these) to see if that helped, but now I'll hold off. Apparently when Snow Leopard came out and decided to remove all pre-1.6 versions of Java and symlink 1.4 and 1.5 to the new version, it messed up a lot of other apps too. Good to know help is on the way with 10.6.2.

Julian Robichaux, 2009-10-18

Yes, indeed. That was not really helpful, especially because that 1.6 version runs in 64 bit mode and some Java code (that use SWT for example) has problems with it, because of missing 64 bit libraries.
Running the JVM with "-d32" helped as a workaround, to force the JVM into 32 bit mode.

Karsten Lehmann, 2009-10-18

Very encouraging! Its been very odd to see so many missing icons. Its nice to know that the fix appears to be coming from Apple since 8.5.1 didn't address it. I'd hate to have to go back to Windows to get my icons back. ;-)

Kevin Hansen, 2009-10-18

Still ugly. I can see the icons, but they are not transparent. So twisties, click sort icons have white backgrounds.

Nelson Morris, 2009-10-18

OS X 10.6.2 has now been released it seems.

Can anybody report on how Notes 8.5.1 runs on it?


- Mike

Mike Brown, 2009-11-10

Installed 10.6.2, and am using Notes 8.5.1.
Folder structure and Icons restored, however all of the icons that were missing are now bright Pink. I have completely uninstalled Notes (and all related files) and did a fresh install of Notes. This did not resolve the hot pink icons. I will live with them for now, as it's better to have them in pink than not to have them at all.

Ryan Beattie, 2009-11-10

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