Still the best smartphone Nokia ever built

by Volker Weber


Since I am going to attend Symbian Exchange and Expo next week, I decided to switch to a Nokia device for a week. The N97 had me frustrated in no time. There is an update looming which was announced at Nokia World and should hit us next month, but as it is, the device is pretty much useless to me. Not enough space on the c: drive, no kinetic scrolling on the touchscreen. Plus, the SEE2009 widget was disappearing from the front page anyway.

E71 to the rescue. This is still the best device Nokia ever made. Durable, dependable, and instead of bringing a charger, I will just use all the BP-4L batteries I have. I have upgraded Maps to 3.0, pre-installed the England map, installed one of the free pedestrian navigation codes and now it's all set to travel. And no, I won't leave the BlackBerry Bold behind. ;-)

[Disclaimer: I have not tried the E72 yet.]


Could not agree more. Unfortunately I gave the E71 to my wife when I got the N97 back in June ;)
Even worse, both the N97 V20 and the N900 are delayed some weeks. Nothing tragical, but leaves me stuck with the V12 N97 some more weeks...

Have a good time at the SEE09! I am curious what they will have to say there.

Hubert Stettner, 2009-10-25

About the N97: how is it compared to the N95? I have the N95, and I find it a bulky, unhandy machine.

Eva Quirinius, 2009-10-27

the E72 isn´t easy to handle as the E71 is - from my point of view. thats why i still agree with your statement.

ingo Harpel, 2009-10-30

The E71 is a fantastic phone, no question about it. As early reviews of the E72 have started to trickle in, it looks like it isn't as well built as the E71.

I think your statement could therefore hold true.

If you're interested, I posted my own thoughts on this wonderful device here:’s-the-nokia-e71/

The Prodigal Fool, 2009-12-07

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