Kensington. I think I would want to live in Kensington.

by Volker Weber

I mean, if I had to live in London.


Keep saving Volker :-)

Carl Tyler, 2009-10-29

Looks indeed like a very civilized suburb.. ;)

Pieterjan Lansbergen, 2009-10-29

"This is like a rap video before the rappers show up", Bart Simpson, KABF14

Ralf Stellmacher, 2009-10-29

If you've got some free time in London you should visit The Bulls Head in Barnes. Also a very lovely place to be in London.
"Uncle" Dan, the owner of the pup, loves music and is a good host. Jazz school bands from all over the world are playing in his back room. I was there once and met some band members from Rod Stewart at the bar before they played some music.

If you go there, send Uncle Dan some greetings!

Thomas Lang, 2009-10-29

Oh, ein hübscher XK-R, mit den schönen 20" Felgen. Ich würde mir den aber in einer anderen Farbe holen. Und die Häuschen sind auch ganz hübsch. :-)

Dirk Steins, 2009-10-29

Kensington Ave in Toronto may be more affordable if you can't afford London. It almost looks the same! :-)

[link to Daily Dose of Imagery photo blog]

Ken Porter, 2009-10-29

Nur Noch zwei Wochen bis Top Gear, Season 14...

Kai Bode, 2009-10-29

Live at 50A Westbourne Terrace W2 for a year and a half. That was 20 years ago but still nice. Highly recommended :)

Brian Benz, 2009-10-29

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