Want to update phone software but can't

by Volker Weber


Nokia apparently has released a new version of the N97 device software, calling it "2.0" where the official release number is "20.0.019", If I install the Nokia Updater from the device software update site, it tells me my device is current as of "". I assume I have to wait for a special version crippled by German operators. There are substantial upgrades in the software, so I don't really want to wait. Any workarounds?

Also available should be the device software 5.0 for the BlackBerry Storm. BlackBerry Desktop Manager updates itself but then only offers 4.7. What is the official release number for GSM/3G (not Verizon) devices, and is there a leak somewhere?


you can change the product code using Nemesis. I did that a while back on an S60 V3 device and it worked well. See a tutorial here

Andre Hausberger, 2009-10-29

Good suggestion. Which product code should I be using?

Volker Weber, 2009-10-29

This looks like a list of product codes to receive V20

I am a bit surprised that you cannot update to Firmware 20 though since I was under the impression that the N97 you have is a "loaner" from Nokia? So it should not be cripled

Andre Hausberger, 2009-10-29

That is indeed strange. I have a 0576355. Need to investigate and maybe just try again. And it is a loaner, not a "loaner".

Volker Weber, 2009-10-29

btw.. I absolutely HATE having to tamper with phones to receive updates. I almost bricked my dads iPhone trying to free it from the evil empire... Since in Chile there are no good contracts I now buy phones without contracts and shop around for the best sim... Hoping the N900 will do the trick. Waiting for the reviews and will probably look for it in Orlando in January

Andre Hausberger, 2009-10-29

It really is as easy as Andre said. I always do it in case an update gets not availyble for my Product Code.
I preordered with Nokia, so it is unbranded. Still it took weeks for v12 to become available, so I just picked a generic Product Code from the list.

Hubert Stettner, 2009-10-29

Hubert and Andre, you saved the day. The label on the device said it was a 0576355 but the device itself thought it was a 0586701. Patching it to 0576355 triggered the update.

Volker Weber, 2009-10-29

Blackberry Device Firmware 5 is quite an improvement. Especially the Browser is a lot faster and better in terms of supported standards. But it is not yet comparable to the iPhone browser. AFAIK this will change in 2010 when RIM will ship the recently aquired Torch browser.
For the Bold I have found somewhere with google ...
I am not sure if you already know that you can "convince" desktop manager to install updates for other providers if you delete the file vendor.xml ...

Heribert Schlebbe, 2009-10-29

I used the described method with several of my Nokias, mostly to de-brand ( or is it called un-branding?) my phones. Doesn't matter which provider, all those branded Nokia versions are crap. And of course once the phone is old, you can wait for Godot to get an update for your branded brick, the provider wants you to get a new phone.

Moritz Schroeder, 2009-10-30

Did you delete the vendor.xml before updating the Storm, to 5.0, with the Desktop Manager? This should allow the update to be installed on any operators device.

Paul Farris, 2009-10-30

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