Windows 7 on Snow Leopard

by Volker Weber


This has to be the most simple way to install Windows 7. Insert DVD, launch VMware Fusion, tell it to create a new VM, user name, password, product code. Walk away. Result:


Had a new package in the mail today with Windows 7 Ultimate. Now lives in a box. ;-)


Don't put it in a box! Windows needs to roam free, where it can thrive and enjoy the clusters and sectors of a real hard drive!
Does Greenpeace now what you're doing there?


Daniel Haferkorn, 2009-10-31

Hier auch. Aero kommt übrigens erst, nachdem man den Windows-Leistungsindex in der Systemsteuerung absolviert hat (zumindest bei mir)...

Thomas Cloer, 2009-11-02

How is your personal experience with VMwares ans Win 7?

I tried it with Vista on a late 2008 MacBook with 4GB of RAM and it just felt slow and sluggish.

In the end I did not buy the software because working was just not productive.

Did that improve with Win 7?

Johannes Matzke, 2009-11-02

Fusion 3 still seems a big buggy so your mileage may vary.
On my machine it was very important to reduce some of the Windows Eye Candy. While indeed WIndows 7 does work with everything enabled, it significanly slowed down my machine. I switched off everything except Visual Styles and Window Shadows.
Now Windows 7 works quite well on my Macbook Pro, 4 GB, 2 GB dedicated to Fusion.
My Windows 7 performance index is
CPU (1 Core enabled) 4,5
RAM 5,5
Graphics 5,6
Gaming Graphics 3,6
Harddisk 5,9
Just in case you ask because you have to use Domino Designer.
I have to use Domino Designer which advanced from unusable to acceptable performance with the reduced styles. Still no comparision to my Windows Desktop but usable.
I am using an so far unsupported configuration with Fusion running Windows 7 64 Bit (the Bootcamp partition). Designer 8.5.1 says good bye at least 3 times a day (but it also does that on my pure Windows desktop).
It could well be that my configuration still has problems with the Fusion 3d support.
if you want to play with Aero support. It seems that it often is diabled until you ran the Windows Performance Index program with good enough results for Graphics.
Programs like Office 2007 start in less than 5 seconds and behave very well.

Henning Heinz, 2009-11-04

Hi all.
I'll try Windows 7 on a Mac Book Pro (4GB) running with Parallels. Let's see...

Olaf Schulz, 2009-11-07

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