Sonos megafail

by Volker Weber

I have good things to say about Sonos. Love their devices. Of course they are not without failure. Stefan has one broken ZP100. Calls Sonos, ships it to them. They charge him 103,08 € to fix it. He waits two weeks to get it back through UPS. When it finally arrives he unpacks it, plugs it in.


Zapp? Turns out Sonos sent him a device switched to 110V. No warning label, no sticker, nothing. This is from Germany to Germany. Where all devices need to be set to 230V. As was his unit when he sent it in. The replacement one is dead.

Sonos, you just lost a customer. If you need to find the person to blame, the incident number is 091019-000060.

Update: Sonos is going to fix this I heard. They would have without me making noise about it. Sonos is actually very good at it. My first experience was less than stellar, when one of the first two review units was broken. They went out of their way to find the problem and then fixed it.


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