In need of a jailbreak after three easy steps

by Volker Weber


We have an iPod touch 16GB (1g) with an interesting condition. It is no longer able to use Wi-Fi. The option is greyed out. Google has a ton of answers to that problem, most pointing to an Apple support document that says: (1) reset network settings and try again, (2) reset all settings and try again, (3) restore to factory and try again, (4) go to Apple service and do not pass Go.

Steps 1 through 3 failed, step 4 is not viable with an old machine. Digging deeper it reveals the culprit:


iPod has lost its MAC address. That can be easily fixed if you can ssh into the device. Which of course requires a jailbreak, because Apple won't let you do that. Apple will also go out of their way to fight the jailbreak.

Sooo tired. iPod touch relegated to nice paperweight. This used to be a good Sonos remote.


How on earth does a device "lose" it's MAC address??

Unless this is down to busted hardware, I would say this is something Apple needs to solve at no charge, warranty not involved.

Lars Olufsen, 2009-11-15

It's certainly an interesting question how it loses it. MAC addresses are not fixed. Every network device can spoof its address. So they are held in storage somewhere, and that store seems to be corrupted. Apple should publish a tool that fixes these issues, since I am definitely not alone. The credentials for root access are also not exactly a secret anymore.

Volker Weber, 2009-11-15

Blackrain it and try to go back to a rgular restore. Costs you minutes only.

Armin Roth, 2009-11-15

You won't jailbreak it? Send it to me, I'll have a use for your paperweight :)

Martin Ballaschk, 2009-11-15

Blackra1n requires an Internet connection, the very thing that needs to be repaired.

Volker Weber, 2009-11-16

what about jailbreaking it, fixing the MAC address, then restoring the official system software?

Seth Crothers, 2009-11-16

I understand - was thinking iPhone, not iPod... So that´s a catch-22, then.

Armin Roth, 2009-11-16

Do I understand that correctly - even after jailbreaking there is no way of getting software onto the phone or ssh into it. Isn't there a way to push files to the device using USB?

Martin Ballaschk, 2009-11-16

No idea. I don't know much about jailbreaking the iPod touch, because I never wanted to. I can make an appointment at the Genius bar in Munich for next week and see how smart these guys are.

Volker Weber, 2009-11-16

Wie sagst Du doch immer? "DRM is bad for the customer!" Völlig richtig! Nur, total abgekapselte und proprietäre System sind keinen Deut bessser!
Das ist zumindest MEIN Argument, warum ich mir noch kein iPhone zugelegt habe. Die Dinger wären ja ganz nett, aber unter diesen Bedingungen? Njet!

Michael Moser, 2009-11-18

Weil der bl***e ipod touch eigentlich auch der bessere Sonos Controller ist, ist das leider auch ein Argument gegen meine eigentlich geplante Sonifizierung daheim. Please help me with an Android solution ....

Axel Koerv, 2009-11-18

My iPhone woke up this morning with the same problem: WiFi-Address N/A. I was able to fix that by resetting network settings, reboot, and resetting network settings again.

If you haven't yet tried, it might be worth your while.

Jan-Piet Mens, 2009-11-21

if anybody knows a really easy way to jailbreak an Ipod touch (3.1.3) please e-mail me; my ipod will not let me download anything i have been trying for over 3 weeks and it won't work, i even downloaded stuff on my PC and it still wont work, so if ANYONE knows a way that DOES work please e-mail me at

Kelsey Jordan, 2010-04-03

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