Android G1 with Nokia BT Headset and other mobile updates

by Volker Weber


Initially I had a few problems with dropouts between the Android G1 and a Nokia BT Headset. Today I have wiped the device, installed 1.6 Donut and I am happy to report that all the difficulties are gone now. This is actually the first time I can listen to music from the G1, and it's working quite well.

I am very happy with this phone and the progress Android is making. My favorite apps beyond the Google suite (Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Gtalk, Maps) are Facebook, Newsrob and Twidroid. The Android Market is full of free and amazing apps to goof around with, but I am currently running a very tight ship. Maps was updated to 3.2.1 today and this is supposed to be the version with turn-by-turn instructions for the US.

My favorite phones are getting ever closer: Android G1, BlackBerry Bold (9700), iPhone 3G. The Pre has not yet earned its space in this line-up. I am a bit disappointed by the lack of progress, but I am holding out for at least another six months before coming to a conclusion.

A few people were surprised to see me using a BlackBerry during DNUG. It's actually very simple: the Bold is my trusted backup. It always works, no matter where I am. It has the longest uptime, it is the best mail machine I have, it's fast, but its perfection is also kind of boring. Most of the development action is elsewhere. So I am using a G1 and a Bold. Or an iPhone and a Bold. Or a Pre and a Bold.

The iPhone is losing a little bit of its appeal. I have an unlocked 3G which makes it more valuable than a locked 3GS would be, but I am missing the ability to stay on top of things outside of mail, mostly instant messaging and relevant information from Twitter and Facebook. Push notifications in your face are not as useful as the ribbon updates that Android, BlackBerry and webOS provide. As elegant as the iPhone is, it is also somewhat single-minded. :-)


Good combination you have there, almost looks like mine. I have an 8900 Curve, which is the backup, since it never lets you down. Has a refreshingly larger screen than the Bold 9000. May get switched to a 9700.

Swapping my unlocked iPhone 3G for a 3GS. I also keep a Razr V6 Maxx handy, since that is a non-Smartphone that will always work, when you are stuck and need a phone that does what it is supposed to do: switch on in less than 5 secs and allow you to make calls and SMS.

I can tell you hate WinMo devices, but what can I say, my old favorite includes a WinMo 6.1 powered Q9H, which may make a comeback, since I adore the way that it presents HTML email on my Exchange account, as opposed to any HTML-enabled BlackBerry. Gives proper WYSIWYG performance there, and has excellent battery life on standard and mugen battery. Does like a day and a half with 60 mins of calls, 50 emails (in/out) a day, 20 SMS (average).

Waiting on the Motorola Milestone, before I plunge into the Android world.


Ahmed I.B. Naser, 2009-11-24

Gaah, once again you're making me want to buy a new phone. So far, I was able to resist the urge though. :)
I still only have a K750i, but I'm really longing for an Android based phone, be it the G1, the Magic or the Samsung i7500. Oh, and the Milestone also looks interesting.

Daniel Haferkorn, 2009-11-24

Daniel, vowe dot net is good for the economy. :-)

Volker Weber, 2009-11-24

Indeed, but at the same time it's quite lethal for the contents of my wallet, at least for the contents that shopkeepers like. ;)

Daniel Haferkorn, 2009-11-24

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