The Palm Pre just became much more fun

by Volker Weber


I felt like installing Preware would be cheating, but I just found out it's a necessity if you like to have fun with your Pre. Now I wish there were a patch called "double the battery life".

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More apps are here:

Same functionality like Preware if you use the app FileCoaster.

If you find the switch for longer battery life dont forget to tell. ;-)

Michael Klüsener, 2009-11-25

How could you live _without_ PreWare up to now? It is absolutely a must, just now with a whopping 60 apps in the german app store. Palm has to do somehting about that. now.

Stefan Pfeiffer, 2009-11-25

Thanks for sharing.

Anyone experienced bad voice quallity? My Palm Pre sounds like speaking in an old tin. Sometimes half sentences get lost.

Moritz Dahlmann, 2009-11-26

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