Viral marketing done right

by Volker Weber

Much better than astroturf comments to lame videos, right?



Is this about to be a viral video about a viral photo campaign?

Erik Brooks, 2009-11-26

I guess it turned out to be good for IKEA, but would I have been using Facebook, I'd probably be annoyed by all these showroom pictures turning up everywhere.
Thank FSM I don't use Facebook. ;)

Daniel Haferkorn, 2009-11-26

I hate IKEA for many reasons and no virus in the world will change this.

Dirk Rose, 2009-11-26

Hate or not, it's certainly a clever use of available resources

Frank Quednau, 2009-11-26

I'm more interested in Dirk's IKEA hatred than the marketing campaign.

Rocky Oliver, 2009-11-27

The these guys made the connection in viral marketing by making it personal in a voluntary way and facebook is the perfect medium.. brilliant

Giulio Campobassi, 2009-11-27

@Rocky - Some examples...

Only enter an IKEA shop when you have enough water and food with you. They will force you to go aaalll the way no matter what you are looking for.

IKEA is (mis)using the Swedes' reputation as friendly and harmless people while the company can in fact be extremely unfriendly. Sorry, this is in german:
"old or sick employees or those who are single moms/dads are put under pressure".

They seem to be control freaks, just looks at how many signs they have for everything in their shops (at least those in Germany). And they do NOT say "bring your trays back here, because we rather save money and do not service you" but they will again use their cool, swedish image and say "hey, great, you can be happy that we provided you this great place where you can bring your stuff back to". Very annoying once you start looking at their shops like this.

Inflexibility. Once wanted to buy 4 glasses. At the cash desk (!), after appox. 3 miles, they told me I could only buy 6, 12, etc.

Have a look at where their products are made. Yes, this is globalization. Swedish image, production in China/Bangladesh etc. and the owner lives in Switzerland. Yeah, these annoying taxes...

Dirk Rose, 2009-11-27

Thanks for the explanation, Dirk - and completely understood now.

Rocky Oliver, 2009-11-27

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