Which color is best?

by Volker Weber


I would prefer the blue one

Manfred Wiktorin, 2009-12-02

Silver one :)

Palmi H Lord, 2009-12-02

Titan Shadow or how you would name it.

Gavin Quast, 2009-12-02

Red ... there's only one color for a 911.

Martin Hiegl, 2009-12-02


Cornelia Sander, 2009-12-02

Great! 5 answers, 5 different colors

Manfred Wiktorin, 2009-12-02


Bernd Malek, 2009-12-02

Blue. But if you'll receive the car like you receive mobile phones, take it regardless the color ;-).
I'm sure it will receive the editor-refuses-to-give-it-back award. But I think you know this already...

Thomas Lang, 2009-12-02

I second Bernd.

Black. With Terracotta interior maybe.

Btw, is that the Targa? Then black times 2.

Kai Scharwacht, 2009-12-02

Jaguars should be Green, Ferraris Red, Lamborghinis Black, and Porsches Silver. Thats just how things are meant to be.

Anything else is an abhorrent violation of natural law.

Devin Olson, 2009-12-02

Manfred, that is why they make them in more than one color. Bernd and Kay, black is not an option. Devin, Ferraris can be red or yellow, Lambos green and orange, Porsches white and I have no opinion about Jags.

Volker Weber, 2009-12-02

Trouble is, that white's not really white is it? It looks like it's been left on the window sill for too long.

Red, I reckon.

John Ash, 2009-12-02

John, not it isn't. And this red is also not the regular color. They are all off by a bit. The second car is not silver but a light grey.

Volker Weber, 2009-12-02

Aquablaumetallic. Aber nur, wenn ich die Schlüssel bekomme…

Jean Pierre Wenzel, 2009-12-02

If the white is a real white, white is the color of choice. Because white is the new black!

Thomas Lang, 2009-12-02

I think I'd pick the blue one, but red is a close competitor.

Philipp Sury, 2009-12-02

Sorry Volker, but I must disagree with you. Here are the "CORRECT" colors:

Green = Jaguar

Red = Ferrari

Black = Lamborghini

Silver = Porche

Aluminium = Aston Martin

Yellow = Corvette (with a big daisy on the hood for good measure) or possibly the Ford GT40

Blue = Shelby Cobra

White = Pontiac Trans Am, or possibly the Devin SS (yes, I'm named after a race car)

Orange = Dodge Charger or Pontiac GTO Judge

Purple = Plymouth Cuda (specifically, the 1971 Hemi Cuda Convertible in Plum Crazy)


Devin Olson, 2009-12-02

Devin, what is the most famous 911? The Carrera RS. Which colors do you see?

Volker Weber, 2009-12-02

lol - just because something is famous doesn't make it right.

Devin Olson, 2009-12-02

I am afraid, it's not up to us what is right and what is wrong. Need more examples? E-Type or Miura? I will give you Ferrari.

Volker Weber, 2009-12-02

... and don't forget this one: link

Thomas Edelmann, 2009-12-02

Actually they are all quite bad colors. The blue looks nice, but doesn't really fit to the class of the Porsche; it would fit much better with BMW Z3. The silver one is perhaps the best of those colors, but a pure white, black, yellow, or bluish-magenta would really belong to a sports car with class like that.

Mika Heinonen, 2009-12-02

This is an interesting conversation I wanted to have. First of all, everybody has a different taste, and secondly you originate from different countries.

There are heritages, like red for Italian race cars. Enzo Ferrari was actually a race driver for Alfa Romeo before he started his own business of building race cars. British racing green is another example. Auto Union and Mercedes race cars used to be silver, but that was just bare metal, without any paint. Silver metallic tries to mimic the look but it's not genuine.

Then there is fashion. Orange and yellow in the 70s (yes, I am guilty). White more recently. But colors mean different things in different countries. When Mercedes presented the SLS gullwing at this year's IAA show, they chose a red paint. That was unsual for a German taste, since the color red is associated either with Alfa/Ferrari or with cheap entry level cars. That is quite different in other countries where it just means "sporty".

I find Italians to be very conservative with colors. Black, white, red. Period. If you want to be conservative with Porsche, it's silver, black, white, in this order:

These are just three shades of grey. You can choose any other shade of grey, if you wear suits. But we don't want to be conservative here. :-)

Volker Weber, 2009-12-02

Mit dem Panamera führt der Hersteller auch ein Fahrzeug in adäquaten Farben :D.

Armin Roth, 2009-12-02

I'd also have to go with the blue. The other colors all look a bit off to me. If you're going to have a red sports car it should be bright red, not a burgundyish tone, the silver and dark grey look too dull, and the cream has too much of a yellow cast to it.

Chuck Dean, 2009-12-02

The white one looks very nice, but you're right, it's a bit conservative for a sports car with those curves. White fits perfectly for Lamborghini Countach though.

I think yellow metallic (not too dark) would look the best on that Porsche. It gives a sporty feeling with a feeling that this is the color of pure power. Although that image comes from Lotus Elise and Lamborghini Diablo also :)

But Lotus Elise, like the Porsche 911 are a bit roundish, so the yellow definitely fits better than the classic white, which suits straight lined Countach (or Lotus Esprit, as seen in James Bond) perfectly.

Mika Heinonen, 2009-12-03

Chuck, this is your bright red. Looks way to cheap for my taste:

And I agree with you on the red in the original set.

Volker Weber, 2009-12-03

Sorry, they all look grey to me.. :-)

Scott Hanson, 2009-12-03

Black or "cheap" Red.

Black is classic - it never goes out of style, and it holds its value - no matter the car.

In fact, the colors that best hold their value across car brands are black and white. Weird designer colors are the worst.

Although I must say that I see more silver cars, across the board, than any other color - at least in the US.

But me? I have always loved a Black Carrera with cream interior.

Oh, and (at least in the US) the most popular color of the original VW Beetle ("Bug") is baby blue - by a long, long shot. I owned 3 of them, as well as a Karmann Ghia convertible, and a VW Microbus.

Why so many, you ask? Because for a poor teenage boy who paid his own way (and incidentally emancipated at 16) I found the VWs to be amazingly simple to work on, parts were cheap, and the cars would run forever. I learned how to rebuild engines from working on VWs, and I could always "fix them up" and sell them for a profit. Always.

Oh and we currently own a "new" Bug - a 2001 Turbo one (that sucker is deceptively FAST) - and it's blue (ok, ok, it's my wife's).

Rocky Oliver, 2009-12-03

Dark grey titan whatever, third colour from top. Or black with terracotta / red interior. And I agree: a red Porsche is a mismatch, an oxymoron, a sin.

Are you just toying around or are you truly considering buying such a great beauty? :-) The Targas definitely are the best 911. They should build a Turbo Targa, that would be much more appropriate than the Turbo Cabriolet / Convertible.

Moritz Schroeder, 2009-12-03

Carrera is the best. Targa kinda ruins the essence of the 911 with it's glass or fabric roof. Not every car looks good as cabriolet, the BMW Z3 does (and it looks horrible with hardtop).

Mika Heinonen, 2009-12-03


Vamsi Guduri, 2009-12-03

Any shade of grey is good. Timeless.

I like the creme colour too, but I am not sure if you still like it in a few years. Doesn´t matter if you sell it in three years, but I guess you will keep your car longer than that...

Alexander Kluge, 2009-12-03

keine der Farben, spezieller keiner dieser Art von Automobilien.
Ich denke wir leben in einer Zeit, in der man ein wenig Rücksicht auf die Umwelt nehmen sollte. Wieso nicht eine Hybrid-Lösung ? oder auf ein serienreifes, sportlicheres und elektrogetriebenes Automobil warten.

just my cents
Rene Hellmann

Rene Hellmann, 2009-12-03

Einen schnellen Auto steht rot immer. Aber das muss man in echt sehen, um zu erkennen, ob's fesch oder grell wirkt.

Kristof Doffing, 2009-12-03

Mattschwarz und schwarze Felgen.

Dirk Mueller, 2009-12-03

Moritz, niemand hat die Absicht, einen Porsche zu kaufen.

Rene, weniger Gewicht ist gut für die Umwelt, nicht wahr? Haben wir auch was für Deinen Geschmack. :-)

Volker Weber, 2009-12-03

Someone around my house has a matte finished military green Porsche. It is totally bad ass, looks cool with out trying to be all shiny and "hey look at me, I have a Porsche"

Red Porsches just scream mid-life crisis and that the driver is a huge douchebag.

Bryan McDade, 2009-12-03

Who needs colour, get it Dubai'd Out, go chrome:

Carlos Rodrigues, 2009-12-03

Silver, silver, silver. Unless your other car(s) are silver. Classic, timeless, and looks good whether dirty or clean.

My Boxster is silver, too. :-)

Erik Brooks, 2009-12-03

If I'm not too late joining your mass order, would you sign me up for a white one? ;-)

Jan-Piet Mens, 2009-12-03

So ein 50% off friends and family deal würde mich auch nervös machen. :-)

Volker Weber, 2009-12-03

Bei friends an family bin ich auch dabei! Weiß, bitte!

Thomas Lang, 2009-12-03

ok, jetzt komme ich auch noch. Hatte mal einen gelben GT3 mit schwarzen Interieur und gelben Nähten. oberscharf. der flügel war auch noch der kleine, nicht so ein monster wie beim jetzigen.
Fuhr sich wie ein Golf GTi, ausser man gab ihm die Sporen ;-) dann war die Hölle los.
280 war kein problem, wir sind mal in 3 Stunden von Genf via Grosser St. Bernhard nach Monte Carlo gefahren, Genf Zentrum bis Autobahnausfahrt Eze genannte 3 Stunden, dann nochmals ne Stunde bis zum Hotel in St Jean Cap Ferrat ;-). und wir waren die einzigen mit nem gelben damals, alle hatten schwarze oder eben rote, doch er blieb ein exot. vor dem Casino gabs also viel aufregung.
nur auf der rennstrecke waren sie alle/viele gelb. ein jahr später hatten plötzlich sehr viele eine gelben...

Chris Frei, 2009-12-03

@Thomas es ist wie beim Sonos Deal: Du musst eine Mail schicken mit dem Betreff Vowe is a good car buyer . Oder so aehnlich. ;-)

Jan-Piet Mens, 2009-12-03

Grün - aber nur mit Anhängerkupplung!

Thomas Vogler, 2009-12-03

@Jan-Piet das ist eine gute Idee. Jetzt müssen wir nur noch jemanden überreden, der das auch gut findet und sich an die Spielregeln hält ;-)

Thomas Lang, 2009-12-03

Klingt komisch, sieht aber stark aus. Hier bei mir aufm Dorf fährt so einer rum.
Oder mattschwarz.

Helmut Weiss, 2009-12-03

@vowe I have always enjoyed your posts, and refer back to quite a few. However, this one is now my favorite. The conversation you have sparked is excellent and entertaining. Well done!

Gregg Eldred, 2009-12-04

Greg, you will find that talking about colors is easy. Everybody is an expert in this field. Ask any software developer. It's the first thing they hear from their clients regarding the user interface. :-)

Volker Weber, 2009-12-04

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