Nokia Messaging account deactivated?

by Volker Weber


I thought I had figured this out. But apparently I haven't. You can download a Nokia Messaging client or it comes with your phones. When you run your first setup, you create a Nokia messaging account. Did that. Then I returned that phone, got a different one, used Nokia Messaging. Then I returned that phone as well, got yet another one, used Nokia Messaging. Then I returned that phone, got a different one, used Nokia Messaging.

Several phones later I get this message. I am holding plenty of phones eligible for Nokia Messaging, and now you are deactivating my account? Is this working as designed?


Sounds like reason: Poor Programming. I encounter this quite often nowdays, since children are not given a Commodore 64 when they're young, and thus they have no chance to learn decent programming during their life.

Mika Heinonen, 2009-12-10

Maybe an editor not refusing to give their stuff back is not part of their software test scenario.

Oliver Regelmann, 2009-12-10

You must have overlooked the "return" word.

Volker Weber, 2009-12-10

The worst thing is IMHO the 'Please do not reply to it' part. What am I supposed in case this is wrong? Poor UX :(

OT: N900 rocks for geeks :)

Hubert Stettner, 2009-12-10

Mmh? No, I didn't. You did not refuse to return their stuff. And editors who return stuff lose their accounts.

Oliver Regelmann, 2009-12-10

Looks like you missed the "got" then. Editors who return old things, get new shiny things.

Volker Weber, 2009-12-10

I've got the same problem.

First I bought an E75, had it for 6 months. Then I bought an N97 and transferred ny info, including my Nokia Messaging account. Then I sold the E75 and two days later I got the aforementioned message. Now I can't access my old account, nor create a new one since my email accounts are linked to the messaging one and the phone keeps asking for the old Nokia Messaging username and password, wich I can't recover since when I tried to reactivate my old account it asked me to change the password, I've tried several times unsuccessfully.

Now I can't disable the old account nor get a new one.


Thanks in advance...

Gustavo Osorio, 2009-12-20

I just had the same problems on my Nokia E63. Please how do i solve it.

Chris otuaga, 2010-01-31

Here's how I solved this!

I bought a Blackberry and now I have my emails right in my handset everytime, everywhere!

Gustavo Osorio, 2010-04-01

my Nokkia E75 cannot receive Emails in my yahoo mail inbox what is the solution

Joe adudu, 2010-06-05

my nokiaE63 can not receive my yahoo mails. Please kindly advise solution

adeniyi oyedemi, 2010-06-29

not given chance to reactive my nokia account.

Dipak Adhikari, 2010-07-02

Ok, so here's why this happens...

The Nokia messenger client knows various settings about your account and if you change any at all, it will deactivate. For example, if you are a Vodafone customer and you use another network sim card to set up your new phone, then install your proper sim card, you will receive that email message.

There are two ways to solve this...

1) Call Nokia customer support and ask them to reactivate your messenger account.
2) Return your phone to factory settings and ensure that you use your proper network sim to set up messenger again.


Adnan Smithy, 2010-12-07

can,t set up email on my E52 asking for nokia masseging accunt and password

collins ndukwe, 2011-04-30

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