Lotusphere presentations download - let's spread the work out

by Volker Weber


Downloading all the individual Lotusphere presentations is a lot of tedious work. Let's spread it out. I have set up a shared folder on Dropbox. If you want to participate, send me a mail with your Dropbox ID and I will add you to the list.* All the presentations dropped into this folder will be shared among all participants. Keep it simple, stupid. Just download the pdf and drop it in there.

If you do not have a Dropbox account, register here.

*) Sorry, we are closed. There are already too many people in there. If you like the idea, start your own dropbox folder.


Stupid question: How to find out the Dropbox ID? All I have is the email address from registration.

Bernd Hort, 2010-01-13

Well, this is it.

Volker Weber, 2010-01-13

IT would be nice if the session pdf's had the session name in the filename. AD201 - intro to xpages(author).pdf type deal

patrick picard, 2010-01-13

We are quite a few people. It can be done. Start working.

Volker Weber, 2010-01-13

Do you see, Patrick? This is the power of collaboration:

Volker Weber, 2010-01-13

Hey, what's going on here?! My Dropbox reports updates nearly every 5 minutes. Great!

Thomas Lang, 2010-01-13

Very helpful. I'll help spread the word.

Alan Lepofsky, 2010-01-13

Somebody just deleted all files from the Dropbox. Any idea why?

Bernd Hort, 2010-01-13

because they don't understand that we can just undelete them i guess, drop box is reporting it as "Rainer Brandl" doing the deleting

mark myers, 2010-01-13

please, if you don't want the files on your machine any more, please go to dropbox.com, go to the file tab, select "Lotusphere 2010 presentations", then click "more actions" --> "leave shared folder", don't just delete the files in your drop box folder as your sending "deletion stubs" (for want of a better name) back to the rest of us :-

mark myers, 2010-01-13

Thanks! :)

Markus Lachnit, 2010-01-13

Excellent Idea.

Anyone interested in older Lotusphere files ? ;-)

- Oliver

Oliver Barner, 2010-01-13

That does bring up a nice feature request: one way sync.
I know there are several files in there that I would like to delete from my local machine, (but am now scared to) while still getting new files and updates to the ones I do want.
Is that possible?

Alan Lepofsky, 2010-01-13

Delete a file and you get kicked. By me, personally. And then once more in Orlando. Capisce?

Volker Weber, 2010-01-13

it would be great to have all old Lotusphere files inone place!!!

stas vinogradov, 2010-01-15

Stas, I agree. IBM should really do that.

Volker Weber, 2010-01-15

Alan, you don’t need to “house-keep” the dropbox folder itself. If there’s stuff you’re not interested in, just maintain your own disconnected local folder, and ignore (or disconnect from) the dropbox one.

Ben Poole, 2010-01-15

Again. Someone (if I see that right then it's user "Tony Frazier") just deleted 156 presentations from that share. Should I reupload them?

Stevan Bajic, 2010-01-15

I am stupid! Reupped a bunch of presentations not knowing that one can undelete the already deleted. Sorry. (hatte nur gute Absichten).

Stevan Bajic, 2010-01-15

Yes, it was me; I already fessed up to it in the other post.

Just to clarify my mistake: I was not intending to do anything with the shared folder, but did have those files selected by mistake when I did a drag/drop move. Once the move finished, I then moved them back into the shared folder, but, still, did not realize this was the shared folder until about .3 seconds after I clicked! Doh!

So, once more, I apologize.

Tony Frazier, 2010-01-15

I'm a bit too late. Is there still a way for me, to get all the files from one place? Or did I just understand something wrong?

Torben Volkmann, 2010-01-18

wasn't there a script for last year to download all the presentations from the NSF database?

tony ollivier, 2010-01-23

so is it still possible to get access to the files?

patrick picard, 2010-01-23

I think drop box clearly has some usability issues for large numbers of people using the same drop box.

I too "deleted" some files, because when you drag and drop from the drop box to your local hard drive it is processed as a move operation not a copy operation... duly restored, but this will be why people are deleting files here and there... Drop box should change this behaviour so its always a copy operation.

Andy Mell, 2010-01-24

How about using right mouse button for copy operations?! Or how about putting the Dropbox folder onto another, not the workplace, partition so the standard operation would be "copy" (at least on Windows systems)?!

On the other hand I don't understand why somebody who is interested in Lotus and collaboration doesn't get the idea of sharing files. I mean, we're all some kind of advanced users, aren't we?

Mathias Ziolo, 2010-01-24

Mathias, I am sure everyone gets the idea of sharing files, but on a Mac, dragging a file out of the drop box onto your desktop is non-intuitively a "move" operation instead of a "copy" operation. This is counter to what normally happens on the Mac.

Andy Mell, 2010-01-24

I´m sorry for removing all the presentations on January 13th - after checked this I put all the presentations back to the original place... Mea culpa... I´m Mac since December 23rd 2009...

Rainer Brandl, 2010-01-24

I just installed dropbox but when I go to files I do not have access/see
folder called "Lotusphere 2010 presentations", please advise how can I
access this folder to download files into my mahcine.


Sue Shoja, 2010-01-25

Since nobody else has said it here, I will. Lotusphere is not open source. It is a paid event with multiple owners of intellectual property.

The speaker release between IBM and external speakers allows IBM and their own third party contractors (sound, video, etc people) to republish session materials (not including code) in any way they see fit, such as through Lotusphere Online. While many external speakers post their own sessions, there is no agreement between them and anyone else to republish their work. Links to sessions on Lotusphere Online are fine, as IBM maintains the gating mechanism (your user ID and pw from the badge).

I suggest that the owners of the IP (IBM for most of them, external speakers for the rest) decide when, how, and where to post for public consumption.

Rob Novak, 2010-01-25

It's interesting, how renaming and "concurrent" operations work in the Dropbox.
Take a look at the events at about 0:30 on 2010-01-26 on the ID206 session slide.
I renamed it to remove the box characters out off the name.
Then there were two files with the exact same name.
I deleted one.
After more deletions and additions and a restore, now there are two files again, one with, one without the box characters.
I don't dare to remove the one with boxes, since I don't want to be kicked...

Thomas Bahn, 2010-01-26

@Rob - I did comment on it. My comment was removed.

Charles Robinson, 2010-01-26

Interesting experience. An IBMer just sent me his presentation as .odp source. I asked whether it was ok to share the .odp instead of a .pdf he wrote:

I don't care. How did people put their presentation up? I didn't even know we as speakers were supposed to post our prez on lotusinfo site. I just noticed my session prez was not there.

Well, I won't publicly share on Dropbox, and certainly not here.

Volker Weber, 2010-01-26

We need all download all presentations. How can We do? How can We see these presentations in Volker's DropBox Shared Folder?

Rafael Oliveira, 2010-02-25

Sorry Rafael, I cannot solve IBM's problems with the world.

Volker Weber, 2010-02-25

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