Things you did not hear at Lotusphere, part 1322

by Volker Weber

Revenues from the WebSphere family of software products, which facilitate customers’ ability to manage a wide variety of business processes using open standards to interconnect applications, data and operating systems, increased 13 percent year over year. Revenues from Information Management software, which enables clients to leverage information on demand, increased 7 percent. Revenues from Tivoli software, infrastructure software that enables clients to centrally manage networks including security and storage capability, increased 7 percent, and revenues from Lotus software, which allows collaborating and messaging by clients in real-time communication and knowledge management, decreased 5 percent.

I don't make this up.

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Shouldn't that be part 1352?

John James, 2010-01-22

John, thats port 1352. ;-)

Jan-Piet Mens, 2010-01-22

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