Enjoy while it lasts

by Volker Weber

Record label Warner Music has said it will stop licensing its songs to free music streaming services. Companies like Spotify, We7 and Last.fm give free, legal and instant access to millions of songs, funded by adverts. Warner, one of the four major labels, whose artists include REM and Michael Buble, said such services were "clearly not positive for the industry".

I never understood how Last.fm "works". But I am enjoying it while it lasts.

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They relly want to push the self-destruct button, as deep as they can, right?

Daniel Haferkorn, 2010-02-11

I didn't understand also. But I'm using and enjoying it day by day. Hopefully it will last for a while...

Thomas Lang, 2010-02-11

Oops. I see a Napster request upcoming from my girl and my wife for the Sonos system when last.fm passes away ...

Axel Koerv, 2010-02-11

I’ve not really followed this, but Spotify are saying that the media is blowinig this up out of proportion:

Spotify on twitter

Ben Poole, 2010-02-11

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