PleaseRobMe Is the Logical Extension of Our Worst Fears about Location-Based Services

by Volker Weber

The rise of location-based social media holds a lot of promise and benefit for participants. But a legitimate concern about them is that they make it too easy to track where you are. For some people, that’s more information than they want out there.

Well, three guys - Barry Borsboom, Frank Groeneveld, Boy van Amstel - have taken this fear to its logical extension, with their site Please Rob Me. It tracks all the location-based updates people put out there via Foursquare, Gowalla, Brightkite and other applications. And “helpfully” posts them to its site, and to its Twitter account.



Not to worried, got an alarm system, fences, large dogs in neighbors yards and very attentive neighbors who love to watch each other and do not hesitate to call the police.

Roy RUmaner, 2010-02-17

Letztendlich ist doch immer der gesunde(?) Menschenverstand gefragt. Wenn ich anfange meinen kompletten Tagesablauf zu veröffentlichen, sollte man sich bewußt sein, was man da Preis gibt. Nur um ein bisschen HypeConform und SocialMediaLike zu sein...

Thomas Herrmann, 2010-02-17

Roy, alarm systems can be defeated, and neighbors dogs won't do you much good what with the fences and all ;-) So, yeah, the neighbors might be useful. Unless they're also on 4square or similar.

Joerg Michael, 2010-02-17

What's really scary is that, just because *I* leave my house, it doesn't mean my family isn't still there.

Here in the US a sign on the front lawn saying "protected by " is usually sufficient. But since that's not always good enough, some houses also put something like this on the windows:


Those have proven to be extremely effective deterrents.

Erik Brooks, 2010-02-18

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