Nokia C5

by Volker Weber


The new Nokia C5 was one of the more silent product announces of this year's CeBIT. It does look a bit like a former Palm product, doesn't it? It's an S60 smartphone and what's significant is that it lists for only 169 Euro including tax without any operator subsidiaries. That is well below the usual smartphone price range. And still it contains free worldwide navigation with Ovi maps as well as messaging and social networks. I played with it briefly and it looks really promising.

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Very nice and neat phone, but unfortunately the missing Wi-Fi is a no-go :-/

Mathias Ziolo, 2010-03-04

I hope its more successful than this C5. :-)

John Lindsay, 2010-03-04

Oops missing link Here we go.

John Lindsay, 2010-03-04

No WiFi = No Smartphone

Michael Reichert, 2010-03-05

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