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by Volker Weber


One of the things I brought home from CeBIT is a Plantronics .Audio 476 DSP headset. One word: amazing. It's pretty comfortable, has all the bells and whistles like a noise-canceling microphone and echo cancellation. It plugs right into USB, there is no software to install and it works right away both with my Macs and the Windows netbook. It makes all the difference for Skype calls, and since there are no batteries to charge it is going to be right there when I need it. Highly recommended.

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Very reasonably priced too!

John Keys, 2010-03-04

I've been using Plantronics headsets for years. Never been disappointed.

My favorite still is my foldable. Does not have the noice cancelling features though.

Stefan Heinz, 2010-03-04

Good choice, I love plantronics products! I've been using a bluetooth voyager 510 on a daily basis for three years ( ) and I'm still impressed: It does not looks like but it fit perfectly, you can where it the whole day without feeling it, the battery last long hours and after three years of use still keep the full charge. they make products that you can feel have been made with a lot of care and attention to the details. I'm sorry if this comment sound's like a sales pitch, it's not, it's just that I really love plantronics products.

Giuseppe Grasso, 2010-03-04

I recently bought myself a wireless Logitech Clear chat headset. I specifically wanted a wireless headset and I relly like the one from Logitech. The one from Plantronics probably has better sound quality, but still, I love that I am not bound to sitting at the PC when having a long Skype conversation. :)
Maybe I'll write a short review in the not too distant future...

Daniel Haferkorn, 2010-03-04

Well, after two years of using a Logitech headset I've just made the switch to Plantronics (as I already use one of their amplified headsets with the regular phone) and it's great!

I had 3.5mm jacks before ... the new is USB .. and the sound quality is awesome, really comfortable and the perfect length of cord!

I grabbed the Plantronics .Audio 655 - I can't believe the headset was ¢40 here in the UK ... so I waited another week, and got it for ¢21 delivered !!

Yours look sexier than mine, but I wanted cups over the ears ... so I'm happy (but would gladly take yours also when travelling!)


Mark Haller, 2010-03-04

FAQ, probably, would somebody give (or have, at all) alternatives to the BOSE noise- cancelling headphones? Only to understand correctly I would not think that the above ones can be compared with those? I am looking for something that wins the fight with the terrible noise in planes and turning up the volume for the media systems on the various airlines is not the option really.
If anyone could give a clue/ hints I would appreciate it. I am not sure how good in- ear phones are and how good they cancel noise in comparison to on- ear or over-the-ear ones (BOSE).
Want to buy, soon even, so maybe you have a pointer to give.

Alexander Koch, 2010-03-05

No, this headset will not cancel out the ambient noise for you. The microphone yes, the earphones no.

The Bose NC headphones are very popular among frequent travelers, and they are a bit of a status symbol. Most flyers buy them through air miles. The NC headphones generally try to cancel out the typical ambient noise but not the human voice. Which also means they don't cancel out crying babies that well.

I have one pair of NC headphones, but I stopped using them. Today I prefer ear-canal-headphones (ECH). It is absolutely crucial you get a good seal, that's why they come with different sets of gels. If you have a good seal, you will not only get a good sound, but also a high isolation from ambient noise, including voices. The isolation is so effective that I cannot talk to a flight attendant when wearing my Ultimate Ears.

You don't have to spend that much money. Shure has some entry level devices, and I recommend the Klipsch Image S2 as cheap headphones set for 50 Euros. I have also used the S4m with good results.

If you want to try this concept you can get a pair of Ultimate Ears for as little as 25 Euros. They already provide 16 db of isolation on a good seal. You will be amazed.

Volker Weber, 2010-03-05

It seems it still cannot be ordered in Germany ...
I'll check again next month, or does anybody know a source in Germany?

Mariano Kamp, 2010-03-14

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