Outlook Social Connector

by Volker Weber


The Outlook Social Connector allows you to synchronize your contact data right into Outlook and obtain information about your friends and colleagues. See status updates from various networks and recently posted files. Easily track your communication history. Use the Outlook Social Connector to display a quick view of related Outlook content when you click on an email from a contact, such as recent e-mail conversations, meetings, and shared attachments. Developers can connect and feed social streams from line-of-business applications or integrate their solutions directly into Outlook.

The connector is supported by Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 beta. There is a LinkedIn plugin available today. At CeBIT Microsoft and XING announced a plugin to be available by June when 2010 ships. Plugins for other networks like Facebook, Myspace and Windows Live have been previously announced but are not yet available.

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I looked at this and wonder how fast Lotus will move to match it outside of Connections and into Domino?

Chris Miller, 2010-03-05

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