Relocating your business? You'll keep only the dead wood.

by Volker Weber

Garmin relocates the Garmin Connect product management and development from San Francisco to Olathe, Kansas. Most of the team - if not all - chooses to stay in San Francisco.

Read the full story on the website they created: We built Garmin Connect. We're for hire.

Update: The site returns a 503 now. Either they can build, but not run a site. Or Garmin pays some lawyers.

[via @henningp and @diedrich ]


works like a charm here...

Samuel Orsenne, 2010-03-17

Seems up for me - I'm guessing they had a spike in traffic from the this making the rounds and had to beef up their servers...

Kevan Emmott, 2010-03-17

It was back just a minute ago. Then it wasn't. Then it came back. Could be a case of slashdotting lite - the story doesn't seem to actually be on Slashdot (yet?).

Joerg Michael, 2010-03-17

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