Need an iPhone sleeve?

by Volker Weber


So far I have been trying half a dozen different iPhone sleeves, and liked none of them. Now I have a clear sleeve made from TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), and this is it. It provides the grip of a silicone sleeve while being much harder and protective. And you can hardly see it. Recommended.

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Need an actual sleeve, or just a cover?
I had InvisibleShield on my first iPhone. Worked quite well.
Didn't bother with anything on second iPhone.

Brian O'Gorman, 2010-03-25

Have you tried the ones from BodyGlove? I quite liked that - until I broke it when taking it off. Being clumsy.

Didn't want to wait for another one from their online shop, so I bought an ifrogz one. Feels quite good in your hand too, doesn't get extra dirty.

Nice colors, but if you rough on it, the color does come off :)

Michael Kobrowski, 2010-03-25

I've been fairly happy with one from Skullcandy -- except for the dumb looking skull logo on the back (which nobody sees in my case). I'm sure the 14 year old boys like the logo, but it's not really my thing.

What I like is that it's a snug fit, and has an odd texture. It's smooth enough to easily slide into and out of my pocket, but slightly textured - almost cloth-like somehow - so it isn't slippery in my hands at all.

I wouldn't throw it against the wall, but it's sufficient for an occasional drop.

I particularly like Skullcandy's screen protectors. They're the only ones I've seen that come with a liquid application product (probably just soapy water) that allows you to apply the the protector and move it around a bit, better squeeze out air bubbles and generally do a nice neat job of it. The film itself also appears to be somewhat higher quality than the standard ones I've used.

Andrew Pollack, 2010-03-25


i prefer a tpu-like too...

Switcheasy 'Vulcan' here it's called hydro polymer.

some meaningfully pictures:

martin jaecke, 2010-04-24

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