Did you mean recursion?

by Volker Weber


[Thanks, Olav.]


Gets me wondering how many IFs are embedded in Google's search engine code... Somebody really shows a sense of humor there... ;-)

Jan-Piet Mens, 2010-03-31

To know recursion, you have to know recursion!

Tomas Ekström, 2010-03-31

Isn't recursion the noun for re-curse (curse again). For Ruby users it would be re-rail?

Stephan H. Wissel, 2010-04-01


You don't IF such things but CASE ;-)

Mathias Ziolo, 2010-04-03

@Mathias: If Google is written in C(++) (which i don't know) then it is IF, cause C++ does not do CASE (or switch) on strings.

Dirk Steins, 2010-04-03

If I might be a nerd, most of Google’s stuff like this is written in Python :-)

How to Write a Spelling Corrector

Ben Poole, 2010-04-05

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