Apple to announce iPhone OS 4 this Thursday

by Volker Weber



Definitely a new iPhone OS. But the question is whether we will se a new iPhone as well...

Peter Weinfeld, 2010-04-06

Good question. I think Apple will definitely support the 3GS with iPhone OS 4, probably the 3G. But will they continue to support the original iPhone. That is my most pressing question. So far they have done an excellent job carrying their existing customer base forward.

Volker Weber, 2010-04-06

Since all rumours are about background processes and expose function on the iPhone I doubt that this OS update is only for 3GS and the upcoming "iPhone HD", since 2/3 of all sold iPhones are 2G / 3G iPhones....I am interested when the image shows up in the iPhone Dev. Section...


Eric Bredtmann, 2010-04-06

Any thoughts on whether we'll see syncing over Wifi/Bluetooth? That seems to be the most pressing requirement after multi-tasking, particularly on the iPad.

Stuart McIntyre, 2010-04-06

Stuart, moving 20gb over 54mbit Wifi takes about 5 hours. Make it 50 for bluetooth.

If you sync regularly, it's probably much less data being moved, but it would still be a very bad experience for many users.

Timo Stamm, 2010-04-06

Timo, having to connect it to USB just to get the most recent audio files or an updated app onto the iPhone already IS a very bad experience for many users.

A WiFi sync option is the #1 requirement for me. Way before multitasking.
Same goes for the iPad which probably wouldn't be placed within reach of a USB port most of the time.

Oliver Regelmann, 2010-04-06

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