Great news from Nokia: Free OVI Maps navigation now for E66 and E71

by Volker Weber

Installing Maps 3.03 on E71

Ratingen, 6. April 2010 — Die neue Version von Ovi Karten, die seit Januar für über zehn Nokia Mobiltelefone sowie kommende S60 Smartphones mit GPS kostenlose Navigation ermöglicht, ist nun auch für das Nokia E71 und Nokia E66 kostenlos verfügbar.

That is worldwide navigation with preloaded maps on the phone. Pretty fantastic for a slim device like the E71.

Walking Instructions on E71

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Mathias Ziolo, 2010-04-06

Ich hoffe, daß ich hier lesen kann, wenn das N82 an der Reihe ist. ;-)

Olav Brinkmann, 2010-04-06

Finally... :-) If only there was an online (i.e. phone only - no PC) installation available. Following the link I get the notice that Ovi Maps is not available for mobile browsers...

Ragnar Schierholz, 2010-04-06

If it ever happens, you should. I am not holding my breath tough. The E71/E66 is a business device, and I can imagine that some big customers have demanded this solution. It's not complete, since it is missing two premium components (Michelin and Lonely Planet), which just don't fly on S60 3.1. My guess is that engineering never wanted this incomplete product but was "persuaded" from the powers that be. You won't find this much pressure for N95, let alone N82.

OTOH, a license is now only 10 €, down from 60.

Volker Weber, 2010-04-06

Ragnar, it's a 5.x MB download. And you want to add your maps via Nokia Maploader anyway.

Volker Weber, 2010-04-06

On my device ( E72 ) it only seems to work with a data package - is that always the case ?

The GPS won't work without the SIM either

The two may be related

Sean Cull, 2010-04-06

Volker, I have a few maps already on my phone, as they can be still useful sometimes even without turn by turn navigation and since I was waiting for this to happen. And what's so bad about a 5MB download? I'm on wifi with my phone, so the sheer volume of the download is not an issue.

It really does seem a bit strange to me that you can't install the Ovi Maps in all the different ways that you can install anything else.

Sean, that's something I notice as well. Even though I configure Ovi Maps to use my default access point group from SmartConnect which should choose WiFi first, it still always goes out through the cellular network. And that of course won't be possible without the SIM card.

Ragnar Schierholz, 2010-04-06

Sean, they may be related but not in the way you think.

I am using Maps 3.03 offline. Maps are installed, and the phone does not know a cellular access point. The SIM does not have a data tariff and I am avoiding incidental charges. I have checked Connections Manager and there are no open data connections. The app searches against the database on the device.

Having said that, it may be possible that it won't work without a SIM. GPS and radio are often on the same chip to assist with AGPS. Since the radio can make SOS calls without a SIM, I am not sure that you need to have a SIM to start the GPS.

The Nokia phones do not use Skyhook, so they need more time to get a fix from GPS.

Volker Weber, 2010-04-06

Drat! I just payed 80EUR for a limited northern europe map update of my outdated Garmin nüvi ...

Olaf Baumert, 2010-04-06

Well, even before that announcement you could have had navigation on the Nokia for 10 EUR a year.

Volker Weber, 2010-04-06

Maps 3.04 beta adds WLAN based location search. I don't know if it's Skyhook or a different service.

Unfortunately I had a lot of unexplainable roaming charges on my recent trip to Italy with this version even though I had downloaded all maps, turned off AGPS and WLAN positioning and set map mode to offline. My phones packet counter never registered anything. Might have to be chalked up to beta status, though.

Volker Goeke, 2010-04-07

@Volker Goeke,

thats why I took my sim out and put it in a dumb phone, there are just too many ways too data roam inadvertantly on this device. I asked Nokia if it could be stopped but there is no global setting.

Sean Cull, 2010-04-07

Sean, if you remove the APN settings, there is no way the phone can connect.

Volker Weber, 2010-04-07

Hoffentlich gibt es das Update auch für mein gutes, altes E90.

Thomas Herrmann, 2010-04-07

Ich bin ziemlich sicher, dass es das nicht geben wird. Nokia schreibt uns, das E66 und E71 seien die letzten Altgeräte, die mitgenommen werden. Wenn Du mit dem E90 navigieren willst, dann musst Du 10 Euro investieren.

Volker Weber, 2010-04-07

I was on 3.01 and moved to 3.03, there are 2 major regressions.

- You can't enter a location the way u do it in tomtom. Country, City, Street. With type ahead. You need to enter the entire address correctly for it to find it.

- I was not able to find the previous locations (unless those have been defined as favorites).

Joel Demay, 2010-04-09

Noch mehr Navigationssoftware für o2-Kunden gibt's hier:

Eine Version für's Palm Pre ist angeblich auch irgendwann zu erwarten: o2myhandy bei Twitter

Olav Brinkmann, 2010-04-25

Hm, just stumbled across a dirt cheap E75 ... too bad the free maps are not available for it...
Bought it anyway and quite like it...

Martin Forisch, 2010-06-10

If you want navigation, you can license turn-by-turn instructions. It's quite cheap.

Volker Weber, 2010-06-10

Volker thanks,
yep I wanted to do just that, however the nokia pages gave me quite a run-arround:
Searching for ways to buy the license I always ended up on and the instructions to get the newest version of Ovi Maps...
fair enough but...

Turns out that out that the installation file for 3.01 on Nokias Webpages is seriously broken.
There is a thread on the suppport pages complaining about that.

Google is your friend and let me find this other thread which points to
Poking arround a little let me conclude that the server seems to be some static cache for nokia since it is a) mentioned in all the maps without maploader directions out there and b) redirects to the official site.
SHA1 hash of the file working for me is 5425511C85B62D45D30DD8E63FE7C12321244CAB
the broken one has 232C4F40AC2118E21A8B60E64E314FA4939B34A2

Phew... talk about how a little standard IT cockup like a botched file download can seriously degrade the user experience ;-)

Martin Forisch, 2010-06-10

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