OK, I want this

by Volker Weber


But only if I can't have that. ;-) Why don't I have one? Because I only need it once a year.


I think I would rather go for the Vestax Spin...

Thomas Cloer, 2010-04-08

Looks nice, but I don't really use the spin wheels.

Volker Weber, 2010-04-08

why dont u have this www.pacemaker.net/Products/Pacemaker ? size of a two palms, fits in a pocket, holds 160gig music and has most features of the bulky thingy above.

Chris Frei, 2010-04-09

I bought the MP3 E2 a few weeks ago (and a Behringer USB soundcard) and so far have been really impressed. The version of virtual dj that comes with it is pretty basic, unless you opt for a $179 upgrade.

Admittedly a cheaper version, but if that is anything to go buy then I say buy it!

Ben Rodway, 2010-04-09

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