Research in Motion releases its own BlackBerry Twitter client

by Volker Weber

Blackberry Twitter Client

I have been testing this client for a couple of weeks and have not been very impressed. The release however changes everything. While I was looking at "Please wait" a lot in the beta build, the release is much better.

Download here >

[via Computerwoche]


its own Twitter client?

Andrew Magerman, 2010-04-09

Brings up a question:
Do you use the native BB facebook app? On my BB9000, it is pretty much unusably slow. Is that expected, or am I just 'lucky'?

Craig Wiseman, 2010-04-09

Just downloaded it - looks good but seems to be trying to use GPS a lot...

Chris Linfoot, 2010-04-09

Craig, I use SocialScope, which covers both Twitter and Facebook. It's been in private beta for years. Simply apply on their website, and you will eventually be let in. You will not be disappointed.

Volker Weber, 2010-04-09

Likewise have been using the beta. It seemed to freeze any time you accessed someone's individual profile, for a period of like 30 seconds (and the device was completely frozen during that time). I guess that's the GPS operation, not sure why. Downloading update now.

Ed Brill, 2010-04-09

@Mr. Weber, Thanks - cpw...

Craig Wiseman, 2010-04-09

I had this sent over to me by a friend prior to the release, I like it. I switched away from socialscape as I think it kills my battery. Although, not proven, I am open to suggestions.

Bilal Jaffery, 2010-04-09

@Bilal: Try ÜberTwitter

@vowe: I applyed month ago, received a friendly "wait a little bit" email, and nothing happened since then. Any idea?

Sven Richert, 2010-04-09

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