The G11 was a good purchase

by Volker Weber

canon g11

The G11 is now 3 months old, and I have no regrets. I keep it close by, so most of my photos (example) today are shot with this camera. And I have to conclude that it is way smarter than I am. In full automatic it makes better shots than I can produce with my DSLR in full manual.

Maybe I should retire from the SLR shooting.


Do you use a Case with the G11? Which one would you recommend?

Christian Hirth, 2010-04-17

No, I don't. If I would, I am pretty sure I would buy the Canon SC-DC65A.

Volker Weber, 2010-04-17

Ich zähle auch eine G11 seit 4 Monaten zu meinen Kameras (Nikon D70s und Fuji S3 Pro).

Ich bin bisher auch sehr zufrieden. Die Kamera ist zwar nicht Hosentaschen-tauglich, ist aber trotzdem fast immer am "Mann". Der Akku hält ewig und so habe ich schon eine Menge guter Fotos machen können.

Gegen eine gute SLR und eine gute gute Festbrennweite (z.B. 50mm und f1.4) hat die G11 natürliche keine Chance, aber wann braucht man das..?

G11 rocks!

PS.: Trotzdem schiele ich auf die D300s :-)

Alexander Puell, 2010-04-18

Vowe, what's your impression regarding "fast shots"? Does it take long to start and focus the camera so that the quick funny moments are gone or is it adequate in those situations as well?

Martin Hiegl, 2010-04-18

The G11 is ready to shoot in one second. But it takes a few seconds to frame the picture since the zoom is slow. A DSLR is way faster. And I can't do any rapid fire shots with the G11.

I can cope with all of that.

Volker Weber, 2010-04-18

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