IBM clarifies Designer licensing

by Volker Weber

In Domino Designer 8.5.2, we're clarifying the license to match the original intent -- you will be able to use the free Designer to "develop and test applications in a non-production environment". In the interim, if you decide to use Domino in the Amazon EC2 cloud, the agreement for that service also allows you to use the free Domino Designer there as well (since the EC2 instance is also restricted to develop/test).

Further down in the comments:

... simply, we don't sell Domino Designer anymore. We sell two CALs -- messaging and enterprise. To access a production Domino server with Designer, you need a Domino Enterprise CAL (US$159 list price). Otherwise, it's free to download and use.

Summary: IBM wants you to develop Notes/Domino applications. They do not want to give away the Notes client. Since Designer is a superset of the Notes client, the legalese is complicated.

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