Je ne comprends pas

by Volker Weber

Sometimes I am puzzled and confused. I did not understand the New Economy. I would not understand how it was supposed to work. And as we found out, it didn't.

Currently I am puzzled on a much smaller scale. I am watching a marketing effort I don't understand. I can't say it's wrong. I just don't understand it. Imagine you would take a solid business to a hip event, and people would completely ignore you. Then you organize a hip event, and your business would not understand it. You can always fake success by letting your choir do all the dancing, but why wouldn't you rather play the game you are good at?

I have to confess, while I think the Palm Pre is a very solid device, I did not understand the Pre campaign either. Marketing isn't something I could work in. But I do admire the people who are good at it. Engineers tend to think you just have to build a great product and it will sell itself. It won't.


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